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Surpresa (Surprise), a short documentary animation
about a three-year-old girl who is recovering from kidney cancer.

Álvaro Siza In Italia

Catalogue for the exhibition Álvaro Siza In Italia – Il Grand Tour 1976-2016 at Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Italy.…

O Teu Nome É

O Teu Nome É (Your Name Is), a short animated film on hate-motivated crimes against transgender people. Currently in pre-production.

Remade In Portugal

Identity and graphics for the 8th Remade In Portugal, an arts exhibition under the theme utilitas.

Alcino Soutinho
Comfortable Realism

Identity and graphics for Alcino Soutinho – Realismo Confortável (Alcino Soutinho – Comfortable Realism) a retrospective dedicated to one of the most influential and notable Portuguese architects.

360° Panorama e-Learning

Identity and annual report for 360° Panorama E-Learning, a long-run study of e-learning practices.

De Lápis Na Mão

Identity and graphics for Alcino Soutinho's De Lápis Na Mão, an exhibition devoted to the architect's paintings, drawings, sketches, and prints.